Our Team



Geoff had a passion for a cycling career but when his fellow State Team Members went off to Europe to try their luck, Geoff chose the study of the law instead. Geoff graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Jurisprudence) from the University of Adelaide in 1985 and was admitted to practice in 1986.
Geoff's wisdom and breadth of "solution-finding" experience has been developed over a diverse range of professional roles (which has included employment and Partnership roles within some of Adelaide's larger prestigious law firms).

Geoff strives to adopt a practical, common sense application of the law to each situation. His skill is in being able to approach the problem from a "macro" perspective, identify and isolate the key elements of the solution and then put together the right team to attend to the detail, documentation and implementation of the agreed action. Geoff's capacity to identify with his clients' struggles and his commitment to safely navigate them through (or out of) complex legal situations has earned him the loyalty and respect of many clients over the years.