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Like all great teams, the Tri-meridian Team is made up of qualified and experienced individuals with their own unique insight, skill and personality.  We also strongly believe that the Tri-meridian Team is much more than the sum of its individuals so whilst we have included a brief biography of each of the key players below, we would rather focus on who we are together and what we have achieved as a team because that’s how we work best.

The name ‘Tri-meridian’ was first conceived of in March 2006 and first commenced trading on 1 July 2006.

Since that time the Tri-meridian Team has built enduring relationships with locally based people in businesses of all shapes and sizes, from sole traders, partnerships, incorporated and unincorporated associations through to large private companies with complex related entity structures.  Our team-based approach enables us to sustain these relationships and continue to deliver pragmatic, cost effective legal advice and business solutions through almost every situation and stage that businesses (and the people behind the businesses) will face over their lifetime.

More latterly, since 2013, with the introduction of the Australian Charities and not-for-profit Commission, we have seen an increasing demand for assistance to organisations who are either registered charities or looking to be approved as a registered charity.  In addition, with an increasing proportion of our clients identifying as religious charities, our strong faith-based team is well placed to provide assistance with sensitivity and understanding of the unique challenges that this sector faces. 

Our ideology has always been that prevention is better than cure, consequently our primary focus is to find ways to minimise the risk of being embroiled in a costly litigation down the track. 



Geoff graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Jurisprudence) from the University of Adelaide in 1985 and was admitted to practice in 1986.
Geoff’s wisdom and breadth of “solution-finding” experience has been developed over a diverse range of professional roles (which has included employment and Partnership roles within some of Adelaide’s larger prestigious law firms).

Geoff strives to adopt a practical, common sense application of the law to each situation. His skill is in being able to approach the problem from a “macro” perspective, identify and isolate the key elements of the solution and then put together the right strategy and the right team to attend to the detail, documentation and implementation of the agreed action.

Geoff’s capacity to identify with his clients’ struggles and his commitment to safely navigate them through (or out of) complex legal situations has earned him the loyalty and respect of many clients over the years.

 Member of:

  • Law Society of South Australia
  • CMA

Areas of Law:

  • Business, Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Estate & Succession Planning
  • Not-for-Profit & Charity Law
  • Property Law



Visiting a law firm for the first time can be quite stressful, particularly if the circumstances that require you to seek legal advice were not of your choosing. Rochelle understands this and through her gift of hospitality, will endeavour to make you feel welcome and to put you at ease.

Rochelle holds an Accounting qualification, has owned and operated a number of small businesses in her own right and has served on a number of local volunteer based association boards (one of which was a faith based charity). So whilst Rochelle doesn’t have a law degree, her first-hand experience of running small businesses and serving on boards has given her a great deal of empathy and understanding of the complex governance and relational issues that face small business owners and charity boards.

Since 2014, Rochelle has also worked alongside Geoff to assist clients in all aspects of commercial and residential property and conveyancing. When PEXA was first introduced into South Australia in July 2016, Tri-meridian was one of the early subscribers to the PEXA E-conveyancing platform.

PS: It is also no coincidence that Rochelle shares the same surname as Geoff (Principal of Tri-meridian). They have been married to each other since February 1986 and have four children together.

 Member of:

  • CMA



Emma completed a Certificate IV in Legal Services in 2021 which fuelled her passion for Property Law and inspired her to complete an Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing and obtain registration as a Registered Conveyancer in 2023.

Emma is the eldest daughter of Geoff and Rochelle. This has enabled her to understand the workings of a small family-owned business whilst working at Tri-meridian on and off since it began in 2006.

Emma enjoys working with and continuously learning from the extensive knowledge and experience that Geoff and Rochelle have gained over many years of assisting clients in all aspects of business and property transactions.

Emma is excited to expand the clientele of Tri-meridian Conveyancing from within her hometown of Victor Harbor and the surrounding region and looks forward to guiding clients through their property transaction journey.

 Member of:


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